Senzoku Contemporary Composition Competition


3rd: About the Application

【Application Period】

Application period October 1, 2014 Wednesday - October 31, 2014 Friday

(Entries must be arrived by October 31, 2014)

【Division and Instrumentation】

Division A: Orchestral composition

Orchestral composition You can use the following instruments.

The maximum number of persons that can be used are shown in the parenthesis, you can use a part or all of them.

Division B: Keyboard instrument

Solo piece by piano, pipe organ, harpsichord or celesta. Pipe organ compositions must be able to be performed on the pipe organ at senzoku gakuen maeda hall. Harpsichord compositions must be able to be performed on the harpsichord owned by senzoku gakuen. The instrument must NOT be prepared in any way. The extended techniques are not allowed.

About musical instruments
(Division B)

【Application requirement】

  1. There are no restrictions on an applicant's age or nationality.
  2. Duration of music composition must be no more than 15 minutes long.
  3. A candidate may only submit one work to either division A or division B.
  4. The submitted composition may not have been previously performed or published.however, a student studying at a music educational institution may submit a composition which was performed or published at his/her educational institution.
  5. The first place award winners of division A in our past competitions are not allowed to apply to the same division A.

【Selection process】


Preliminary Screening:The judge will screen the submitted scores and select a certain number of works in the middle of November, 2014.
Final Selection(Performance competition)April 15, 2015 Wednesday at Maeda Hall, Kawasaki, Japan
※ Special jury will be reviewed by the recording, etc. of finals selection.


Division A
Division B


Division A

Division B

The prize will be awarded as described aboveand winners also will be awarded certificates.
The Special Jury Award (100,000 Yen) may be awarded one person in each division.

Result announcement

Preliminary Screening

In the November 2014 mid-is scheduled to be announced on this site.

Final Selection

April 21, 2015 tuesday is scheduled to announce on this site.


Please apply by entering the necessary information on the WEB form by october 31, 2014. Please send the musical score as a PDF data. If PDF conversion is difficult (as in the case of handwriting), you can submit sheet music, but it must be unbound.

Acceptance of submissions to this competition we have been terminated.

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