Senzoku Contemporary Composition Competition


3rd:The results of the preliminary screening

The application deadline of the competition was at the end of October. There are a total of 73 entries. (32 entries for Division A and 41 entries for Division B) Mr. Jonathan Dawe of the Juilliard School has participated as a special judge to promote the application from overseas. There are 19 entries from abroad of a total of 73 entries. As a result of the preliminary screening which was made on 15 November through 17 November, 2014, headed by a chief judge, Professor Takafumi Kojima, the works for the Final selection to be performed have been selected. We are pleased to present the list of the finalists, the name of composers and the name of works.

【Selected Works】

Division A

Yasunori Kanazawa (Japan)
Wataru Mukai (Japan)
Roger Zare (USA)
Haruka Hirota (Japan)
Yusuke Moriya (Japan)
Fault Line

Division B

Igor Iwanek (Poland)
Black Is The Colour Of My Soul / Pf
Kiyohiro Kawai (Japan)
Agnostic sonata for piano No.2 / Pf
Manuel Torres-Arias (UK)
Three Lyric Pieces on Water Themes / Pf
Takaya Tachiki (Japan)
«Fantaisie» pour Piano / Pf
Tatsuto Masuda (Japan)
Ballade / Pf
Hina Sakamoto (Japan)
LIFE for Organ / Organ
Daikou Fujikawa (Japan)
Connection Collection for Organ / Organ